Founded in April 1975, Ai, formerly Kamei & Co., has assisted its clients in their developments in technology and product style through services in the Intellectual Property field.
 The importance of Intellectual Property rights such as patent rights increases day by day. Therefore, the Japan Patent Office intends to strengthen the exclusive rights it grants by pursuing a pro-IP policy.
 It is expected that the Japan Patent Office’s work will change remarkably in the near future and that the technical development of every field will advance enormously.
 In such a situation, we are improving our own services by establishing service systems involving several patent attorneys and equipping ourselves with the latest office automation systems.
 In this way, we will be able to continue to provide our clients with our own technical information and special skills, in order to ensure that our clients can take advice conveniently and properly use the Intellectual Property system.
 We hope to have an opportunity to assist and serve you, not only with the filing of patent applications but also with all the other aspects of Intellectual Property rights.

  Representative Partner         Junji Kyomura