Name: Ai Association of Patent and Trademark Attorneys

The name of our firm does not contain any individual patent attorney's name.
We have adopted a name in the expectation that our firm will be long-standing and administered by successive generations of patent attorneys. The word "Ai" consists of the first two Japanese characters "あい" and indicates "the beginning and "human love". It also implies Artificial Intelligence, an eye for judgement, and the wish that the firm will constantly advance, as the Japanese proverb says:deeper in blue than "ai" (meaning "the apprentice outshining his master").



April, 1975 Mr. Hirokatsu Kamei established Kamei & Co.
June, 1990 Kamei & Co. and Inaoka Patent Office joined together to establish Ai Association of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.
July, 1995 Hatagisi & Associates joined our firm.
January, 2008 Kayama Patent Office joined the firm.
June, 2016 Honjo & Associates joined the firm.

Our Founder

Hirokatsu Kamei (1943-2003)